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Collection: Perspective on Mobile phones and developing societies

Time, the Guardian and the Tale of two Indias – poverty and economic changes Three Indias – the aspiring class, an emerging marketPrice point as design criteria for emerging marketsMobile phones: a post industrial platformMotorola’s brand experience in SingaporeDesigning products … Continue reading

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Collection: Design across culture, geography, language

A strategy to export culture to developing markets? – ChinaKorean firms in India – new market strategyThe culprit: Reevaluating Levitt’s Globalization of Markets – localization vs globalizationBest of Friends – Noguchi and Fuller Their lives encompassed an era when both … Continue reading

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The Walmart in India Collection

Observing users: Opinion on Walmart in India – January 18th, 2006 Price leadership: An obsolete strategy? – May 2006 Lessons from Walmart: 5 common mistakes when brands cross borders – August 2006 My two rupees on Walmart entering India – … Continue reading

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Collection: Emerging and new markets strategy

Observations on India, China, the United States, emerging markets and the bottom of the pyramid Rant on India, China and Walmart – from Grant McCrackenBusinessWeek’s global realignment – analysis of their strategy New Delhi notes – observations on economic changes … Continue reading

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Collection: General observations on changes

Time for another collection, methinks. This one covers my observations on the world and on emerging markets, in reverse chronological order. This is getting long so I’ve taken emerging markets into another collection. Marketing 101 by Seth Godin – everything … Continue reading

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Collections : India – design, business and jugaad

Time for another collection – this time, it’s design, business and observations from India. India Everywhere – Davos, advertising campaign and all the economic data you want.The Design Business – first book on what design is and its impact on … Continue reading

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Year End collection: Autobiographical

She had a pretty gift for quotation, which is a serviceable substitute for wit. ~ W. Somerset Maugham Inspired by other bloggers, I, too, decided to take the ending of the year 2005 to reflect upon the many changes that … Continue reading

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