Thoughts on aging

I just spent the day working with Dicky and a former colleague of mine, Poonam Gupta, who is also Dicky’s sister in law. Yeah you kinda either know someone, worked with them or are related to them, sometimes its all three in the same family.

And one of the things I noticed, since we are all of an age in our late thirties and early forties that we’re all growing gray in our black hair and not afraid to show it. None of us are dying our hair to hide the fact. Its almost as though we’re fed up of being children and are now growing into our own ‘elderhood’ with the attendent perks that being older in India gives you.

What perks, pray tell, is she blathering about, you say, since we have no social benefits or welfare of any kind for the aged here in India. But coming back into the mileu of the joint family home in South Delhi, with all the upstairs and downstairs and two or three kitchens, and the various hierarchies that exist, its only then that you notice the subtleties of family and social life in India that you cannot ever see from without.

We get respect as our hair greys visibly.

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