Few of my uncles and aunts are living with their grown sons as they’ve all moved away for fancy jobs. No one can begrudge them the paychecks and perks that they’ve slogged their entire lives for. But what about the parents? They need a "son" or "nephew" to send for random household chores that they’re getting too old to do. Someone needs to start such a service, I wouldn’t be surprised if by being reliable and conscientious about their delivery and manners and quality of service, if they couldn’t build up a regular set of households to service with their team of young boys. Ideally with bikes or mopeds. Armed with a mobile phone. Here’s the ad line, too ;p

Son abroad? No one to stand in line at the hospital for you? Need someone to go and pay all the bills once a month? Nephews too busy to pick up their mobile? Call Bhaiyya now ;p

ha ha nice one. I’m having fun today.

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