Design challenge: futuregaon 2010

The future of India is literally in her villages, 550 million Indians under the age of 25. Over 65%  of whom live the rural hinterlands of
the country and they cannot all migrate to the cities drawn by the
glittering flickering images on their second hand black and white TV’s
that run in their village shacks by car batteries and jugaad.

And yet, is it fair that they should be left out of the great social
and economic revolution that is taking place in India’s urban sprawls?

Given the infrastructural constraints and the lack of time
available, with the opposing maximizing pressures of [raise literacy,
income,  opportunity, skills] with [wants, needs, consumerism, economic
prosperity] because given the environment and the finite geographical
resources available, the population constraint is simply immeasurable.

So how do we bring down the transaction cost of every possible
service to be delivered to the common man in India, the humble kisan,
the aam junta?

By using existing techological infrastructure to minimize costs and
maximize reach, both in terms of return on investment and social value

How best do we bring the best the 21st century has to offer to the
villages of India, with the benefits of learning, knowledge and culture
in a manner that best fits their needs and yet serves to minimize the
effect on the surrounding ecology?

By framing the problem to be solved with the maximum constraints, allowing us to design for the future with a minimum impact on the environment.

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