If you thought one of us was bad enough…

I have just had my first conversation with Neelakantan of Interim thoughts… whose blog i’ve been following ever since I joined the blogosphere a little more than two years ago. In just half an hour we managed to churn out almost as many ideas for books, thoughts, blogs, social networking sites and things we could do as I churn out in my conversations with Tom Guarriello  for example. When mutual subscribers meet, we have all found over time, in fact it was Tom who pointed it out to me, we rarely meet as perfect strangers. We’ve already peeked into the mind’s eye of the other.

Visiting Bangalore after a bit more than a decade should be fun. I used to live there from 1984 to 1989 and my last visit was for a product launch in 1997. Becoming the heart of India’s tech boom must have surely changed the city where I misspent my youth. Neelakantan says that when I finally get an office I should put my old moped in a glass case in the lobby for posterity’s sake. Har har, what about a mobile phone as well?

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One Response to If you thought one of us was bad enough…

  1. neelakantan says:

    I wondered why jugaad was not being updated for the past many days – thought that was because you were busy here. I came here from my links and I figures that perspective was up and running – again. Anyway…just trawled through your entire set of posts and yes, that was a nice precis of our rambling conversation!!

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