Putting the desi in design planning

When I had the unique opportunity to interview Sam Pitroda for DesignwithIndia last month, he inspired me with the things he had to say and to write this post. Here is one of my attempts to capture some of the thoughts echoed in the interview that began with the three key challenges that face India today:

1. Disparity

2. Development
3. Demographics
nation is well known for one of the most obvious and gaping divides in
disparity of income for the majority of the population, most of whom
are under 25 years of age, versus the very few who are rich in any
currency standards. Our nation also requires high speed development –
not only economic, but also social, educational and skills – that is,
we need human resource development as a nation and we need to balance the distribution of the fruits of recent growth to the hinterlands.
we must look at the challenge of education. At every level, there is a
gaping void in terms of infrastructure required and numbers of teachers
to meet the demand. The cost of physical transaction is too high and
would take too long to overcome, if we use the analogy of hte banking
example. a branch transaction for a bank costs Rs 50 but an internet
transaction costs Rs 2. However until now they have been trying to get
the internet to the village. Dave adn I turned the problem on its head
adn said what if we brought the information to the village, and on the
mobile platform now local costs are below Rs 2 and closer to Rs 1.0.

have just halved their costs both transaction adn infrastructural since
the cellular towers are already everwhere. So now how best can we
articulate the design planning needs of a mobile web that serves to not only bridge the digital divide but also support communication, commerce adn collaboration accessed through the mobile phon

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