India’s first and only eco-friendly wildlife tour company

This post is disclaimed at the outset as a piece of prose promoting a friend’s business. And further disclaim that I have not been paid to write this post. Har! As if! Wildworld India is Vikram Singh’s nature and wildlife oriented tour company based here in New Delhi. What I found fascinating in the "About Us" section was their value statement that they were committed to conserving the environment and carried back with them all of their non degradable waste from every hike.

Anyway, just for context, Vikram was also at college with Aditya Singh and myself, though he was a few years younger. I met him after some 16 or 17 years a couple of days ago at a birthday party. There were in fact four of us old bangaloreans, who’d studied at the same college. And the two youngest were from my major, Industrial & Production, and they studied for their exams from my notes. Of course, I’d garnered them from the best, including Kini’s Operations Research notes, something we reminisced about when I’d bumped into him last month in San Francisco.

We talked about some themes for tours – Indian’s are travelling overseas in ever increasing numbers, what with the rupee going to ridiculous rates, and like the Chinese, the Japanese and the Koreans, Indians too preferred travelling with compatriots, regional or pure vegetarian cuisine and bilingual guides. Thinking up cool experiences should be fun 🙂 Just like the good old days, before the internet became the default purveyor of experience and edutainment as we used to say, trade shows, events, parades, door to door demonstrations and a host of things were all the ways and means to create a brand experience.

The best performance I had ever seen, the pinnacle of the showman brand manager’s art – Steve Jobs is a genius in this regard – was a gentleman whose name I’ll remember very soon who launched the Creative Technologies Soundblaster Multimedia Kit in India in 94 or 95 I can’t quite recall with accuracy. He wore a red blazer and white trousers in the finest ringmaster style and his patter as he demonstrated the versatility and power of multimedia on a personal computer inspired me enough to pitch for research and development funds to sell the idea to all of McCann Erickson India to use multimedia computers for their new account pitches.

I said why lug the tape recorders, videos and what not when you can just take the PC instead? Heh you really needed jugaad to get any work done properly back then. We were so far behind the rest of the world that it hurt from the backwardness sometimes, especially when you’d seen the latest stuff in Singapore all the time. Now we can just buy the whole damn thing, why reinvent the wheel?

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