I suppose I’ve thoroughly confused my regular visitors by the actions of the past couple of weeks – what with password protecting the entire website, then selectively blocking my ‘new’ blog Jugaad and finally, this, resurrecting my original Perspective – 20 months of blogging goodness, with no new posts for days!

What can I say? I’ve had a tough time lately, and denizens of the blogosphere will be aware that there have been blog attacks – particularly aimed at women bloggers – which can be a nasty experience – Kathy Sierra’s recent experience is most well known of these. While I was lucky to not receive anything as ghastly as she did and certainly no death threats, they were still disturbing enough to make me reconsider the entire concept of blogging online. You see, unlike her, I faced the flak in person for my writing online.

Anyway, enough time has passed that I feel reasonably confident enough to return to blogging. Jugaad will remain password protected content however though I might bring some selected writings and repost them here. Its certainly time for a collection anyway!

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