Understanding India

Since I first began writing about India in December 2005, there’s certainly been an upsurge of interest in understanding India and her complex chaotic markets. I just received a request to answer the following questions, in a quick note, to assist someone’s presentation. Reading them through made me realize that these questions weren’t something that one can casually toss off in an email, quick or otherwise – in fact, they formed the basis of a significant white paper on branding and design in India.

Strapped for time, I don’t know what to do, how do I gently inform the other party that the answers to these questions are one significant portion of how I pay my rent, answers that command a pretty price. I could, of course, be entirely wrong, so, gentle readers, what do you think of this ‘informal’ request?

1. Challenges and opportunities for building consumer brands within India:

  • How do global brands need to adapt for the Indian consumer?
  • How do local Indian brands compete effectively against global competitors?

2. Indian design and Indian brands – how does brand design differ in India and reflect or respond to India’s culture and heritage?

3. Indian demographics – how does branding for Indian consumers vary between rural vs. urban areas?

4. Indian consumer brands going global:

  • How are Indian companies and Indian brands beginning to compete with B2C brands outside of India?
  • What is the forecast for future growth of Indian consumer brands outside of India?
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