And a timely reblog

April 21, 2006

Making it happen

the twentieth century, in the waning years of the ninetieth decade, I
was known amongst my peers, clients and vendors for a particular form
of jugaad – making it happen.

This particular project has a story, of animal rights, pigeonshit,
finding one hundred perfect white pigeons, using screenprinting
(something most of you wouldn’t know about) to create 100 direct mail
letters, putting the logo strip as a sticker on sheet metal strips to
be wired onto the cages, then finding 10 young men to dress in tuxes
and take limos to major media buyers… all for the launch of one

But the client was a
favourite and when he said, "I want pigeons" I said "you’re nuts". Then
he said "I want pigeons" so I said, "Fine, but I am going to charge you
through the nose for this bullshit exercise." Of course, the campaign
went on to hit the marketing/branding pages of The Hindustan Times in
New Delhi, which more than took care of his ROI.

The copy says "This is another form of communication that
our new magazine does not cover" because we’d already mailed the media
rate list to advertising agencies, rolled up, in a bottle. Gettit?
*grin* Hey! It was the beginning years of what is now IT India – I had
never seen the internet when I created this piece in 1995.

Voice&Data recently celebrated their 10th anniversary. When I met PG
on my recent visit to India, I reminded him of the launch and his
pigeon obsession. Told him, no, he just didn’t want a launch – the
advertising campaign,the direct mail subscription drive, marketing
collateral and the database – he wanted those birds too, leaving pigeon
droppings all over the Result office.



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