Net-i-Zen: the zen of the net

I’m still in a rambling mood, unable to write a post on anything, yet, I find that I’ve been a blogger long enough to feel a tug towards this wisiwig panel on the back of my typepad. Hey, its my blog and I’ll circumlocute, sprinkle commas generously and take however many steps further into the snippets as I choose.

So there.

I learnt this tip while an ardent debater on the now defunct yet fondly remembered HomeArts Forums. Oh those were the early days of online communities in visual web form, 1995-96 and you met some fascinating brilliant people. One of whom is my friend Emma. Another is my friend Frankie [short for frankenstein’s monster, her handle back in the day]. For the longest time I was either infiniti or Net-i-Zen, with all the multilingual meanings in my choice of hyphen placement. Using the persian format, it means the zen of the net. Yet in net format, a netizen was a denizen of the internet. don’t those words make pretty patterns of sounds and visuals?

Anyway to get to the point, the tip is that everyone has a certain style of using the roman alphabet [to the extent of my observations over the past 10 years or more] in order to create a persona for themselves on chat, IM, sms, texting, whichever is the tighest, most constrained method of communication. Why? because there is no other way to distinguish your ‘self’ from all the other two or three word snippets floating out there, no?

And so, you’ll note that some people play with the word forms visually, such as smhas for smash, because it can also denote something smashed by the rearrangement of the letters. Or my personal peeve, INdia, hte, adn and htat – I’ve given up trying to rid myself of those typos and submitted myself to the apparently immutable fact that this is how niti writes on the web no matter what handle I may at that point be sporting, n’est ce pas?

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