Collection: Design across culture, geography, language

A strategy to export culture to developing markets? – China
Korean firms in India – new market strategy
The culprit: Reevaluating Levitt’s Globalization of Markets – localization vs globalization
Best of Friends – Noguchi and Fuller

Their lives encompassed an era when both art and science witnessed
dizzying feats of innovation, their own included. Early in the century they shared a visionary belief in globalism, though for Noguchi it was rooted in a bitter sense of homelessness — "belonging everywhere and nowhere," as he wrote in his autobiography — while Fuller declared himself a citizen of "planet earth." They shared a conviction that technology could save the world. "The acceleration of doing more with less," Fuller predicted in 1969, would provide enough for the needs of
"all humanity within another 34 years." – NYT

Different needs for different markets – as basic as water
Green product design – links
The Daily Dump – home composting and open source design
Global brands are immigrants
Snapshot of Indian culture – Dina Mehta
Quantify vs Qualify – On user research
Haier today, what happens tommorrow?
Culture crossing global talent pool – Lenovo HQ
Global nomads: The overlooked talent pool
Grassroots innovation and new products
We have 20 months, if we slow down – taking a longer view
Culture specific design wins – Ziba and Lenovo
Cultural factors in design – discuss

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