Of cabbages and kings


The time has come to talk of many things, this will very likely be a rambling pointless post, one which I have not indulged myself with for a very long time. There have been things happening in my life that I’m not yet ready to share on the blog. Not personal at all, but professional, one could say. Yet its as though that’s the "outside" life, the one conducted in "real" versus this life of the mind, conducted in "virtual" which in an odd kind of way is more personal. *shakes head* whatever, when I get around to making sense of it, I may blog it.

Anyway, one of those things requires me to send in a bio – and it was thinking about this "bio" that led me to circumlocute in this post, in the hopes that finally attempting to put words to thoughts, and then to pixels, would help shape and form what I want to say.

I realized that a standard bio just won’t do anymore – at least not for this purpose – and the one that seems to be wanting to be written feels a little too outre [imagine the accent] Why? because I realized that the bio was not of one single individual, though it maybe that one person would stand there, or one photo would accompany it. I was merely a tool, a single voice sharing the vision of a team, giving voice to the needs of many. So…

Jugaad is a global cooperative venture, drawing together a handful of people, each born under a different sun on the continents of Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America, who use their myriad talents and skills to create value. Niti gives voice to their collective vision of what could be, looking beyond the obvious. Their goal is to increase the flow of wealth to the bottom of the pyramid through win win business models and innovative products and services using a combination of strategic planning, visual communication and industrial design. Their design philosophy centers on our common humanity, the world in which we live and the ecosystem in which it all comes together.  Occasionally, they can be found wearing t-shirts that say "health, wealth and the freedom to choose."

What do you think? And I want comments, not private emails to me. Its not fair that you all go comment on nibby’s blog and nobody comments here anymore. *pout*

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