Suspect data muddies waters for IBM

I was doing some research on asian consumer trends when I came across an IBM Business Services report on the topic. This is a 2005 paper, by all that I can tell, and I was struck by a glaring hole in their data. Here’s the chart from their PDF,


You’ll note that Carrefour is listed as having no stores in Singapore. Having shopped at Carrefour frequently over the past few years whenever I visit Mom and Dad in Singapore, I’m curious to know more about IBM’s claim on their website,

What we offer

For innovative solutions to complex problems, follow us. With our unique combination of
industry insight, high-powered research and technology expertise we can transform your business like no
other firm.

The sources listed on the chart include the company websites. With retailing growing at an exponential pace in many of these emerging markets, particularly India, can such obvious gaps that do not require much work to fill, be overlooked?

I’m sad to say that the pleasure of finding a detailed research paper that
would have provided me with hours of analytical fun has been usurped by the
sudden sense of questioning the validity and quality of the information
contained therein. That too by an IBM.

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One Response to Suspect data muddies waters for IBM

  1. Pranav says:

    Any so called primary research data has always been proved to have an error of 30% – 40% and since IBM’s data has been mostly collected through secondary sources as indicated in the chart, it should have been the onus of IBM to validate.
    A company of such repute, errors like this can only add to distrust their claims.
    Country like India which has been growing leaps and bounds in recent year, data should be validated every year before making it public and misleading the relevant stakeholders who might take decisions based on such data.

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