One blogger’s pet peeves online

My quiet resignation to most things online without recourse to snarky blogging, much as I am tempted, has finally spilt over and let loose. So a fitting start to 2007 would be a list of my pet peeves as a regular blogger with a site to maintain and update. Disclaimer: This is a curmudgeonly rant.

1. Feedburner – As long as a I was a humble free account holder, I was given the ability to see a limited number of "items clicked through" with no hassles. One day, back in the fall, I thought I’d upgrade to the "Pro" account and see what I could see – not much more, I realized, after a few days so I cancelled my paid account and went back to being a humble free blogger. But wait, there’s more – now I CAN’T see even the limited "items clicked through" which I still can for other feeds that I have in my account. Now it tells me to upgrade in order to see even those few that other free account holders can see. This, while not life threatening, always makes me feel a little screwed whenever I go to their site. Meh. You’re not encouraging me to rejoin, Feedburner, whatever your sales consultant may have told you.  This is what triggered this post, btw.

Update: OMG! They like me! They really, really like me! Right, enough Sally Fielding, to get to the point, since I still can’t comment, check out the comment I just received on this post from John Zeratsky at Feedburner. Like, wow! Now… should I try complaining about global warming?

2. Zoominfo – These wonderful people have me down as an employee of BusinessWeek [god forbid, it demonstrates the wonders of their search engine] and the only way one can log in to change this so-called "fact" is by entering an email address with the domain name OR [surprise surprise] entering a credit card number. Guess what I’m going to do? Say "I do not work for BusinessWeek and have never been employed by them and don’t own an email on their domain name either, so there" on my blog and ignore the glaring attempt at capturing my credit card data. double Meh. I could be wrong of course, but a quick online search will show that it would be extremely difficult to come up with the BW employment association for me, hence my sneaking suspicion that its a deliberate error.

3. Help with admissions to graduate programs – Dear eager students planning graduate study in the United States, yes, I have a blog and a website, yes, yes, once upon a time I did indeed work in the Graduate Admissions department, but those days are long gone now. I left that job over 18 months ago and have little or no clue how rules and regulations may have changed since my departure. Please write directly to the program concerned, the email is given on the admissions home page, its really not fair to put me in such a spot to have to turn down your requests for advice on which master’s program is the best for you when I have little or no idea of who you are and what you want to do in the future. Read these article’s on Core77 – Why Grad School? and Assembling a competitive application to graduate school. Thank you and god bless.

4. Google News – Aah, your users never travel do they? Or if they do, they somehow manage to use computers other than their own without the customization of their news page right? In India or Singapore, Google News automatically takes me to the local news site, AND loses all my existing custom alerts, searches and news feeds!!! I have to delete the dot in or dot sg after the google dot com in order to reach MY own customized page.  This is so ridiculous as to be funny – but listen up, goog, Yahoo doesn’t do this to me. I get my own Yahoo homepage no matter where I fire up my browser on my laptop. To be sure, getting the weather in degrees Fahrenheit can be disconcerting, but I can live with that because all the rest of it is just the way I like it. Its the World wide web and we travel more than we ever did before taking our "on the go" computers with us. Sigh.

5. Commenting on Typepad hosted blogs including my own – and this last one has been my own personal hell for over a month since I started travelling. Is it speed of download? Are there any tips or tricks for those of us who wish to comment while on a dial up account outside of the north american continent? or was I blocked as a spammer? [on my own blog???] Is there a solution? Comment supplies are intermittent, but one feels as though one has had a bandage taped over one’s mouth when comments are so inaccessible as to be frustrating. Vive la cluetrain!

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One Response to One blogger’s pet peeves online

  1. Hi Niti, this is John at FeedBurner.
    Sorry about that — you should be able to get those stats back by re-activating clickthrough stats on your feed here:
    Your next question is probably “why did this get turned off?” … and the answer to that is “it shouldn’t have. it’s a bug.”
    So we’ll get that patched up 🙂
    Once again, sorry… feel free to re-activate that option and you should be back in business.
    If you run into trouble, drop us a line at Thanks!

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