Cisco moves to India?

BusinessWorld’s issue dated December 25th has an enlightening conversation with John T. Chambers, Chairman and CEO of Cisco Systems. Apparently, Cisco’s planning on moving lock,stock and barrel to Bangalore. Its okay, you can breathe again. Here’s what he really says he’s going to do:

1. India will be Cisco’s Globalization Center East meaning all corporate and operational functions at the US HQ will be mirrored in India.
2. They’ll pilot a high tech manufacturing facility outside Chennai and finally, and most intriguingly,
3. One fifth of Cisco’s senior management will move to Bangalore.

w00t! to totally lose my cool, what could this mean for the entire supply chain, particularly services currently supporting their Bay Area Headquarters? But leave that aside, this $ 1.1 billion commitment to India, in spite of the fact that her market only accounts for 5% of Cisco’s global business is significant and should be taken as a heads-up-slap-in-the-face indicator of the strategic importance of long term investments in emerging markets before the slowly stagnating conventional ones come to a grinding halt. You have my kudos, Mr. Chambers, for closing your barn door with your best team of horses still in there.

Ps. BusinessWorld? Do you think you might like to make it easier for the world to read your wonderful stories? You’re a great magazine but this questionnaire in order to register to read you stops short of asking me for my shoe size and I closed the window and won’t be able to link to your story. Pity, really.  Oh, and  why bother putting a pink asterix against "mandatory fields" when ALL the fields are  mandatory?  Get with the  2.0oooey, guys.

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