Experiencing the McDonalds Maharaja Mac


After writing about McDonalds and their cultural adaptation to their specific international markets, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to try the local restaurant for myself yesterday. I had the Chicken Maharaja Mac – an interesting change from their menu from when they first entered the Indian market in 1996. In the beginning, lamb had been substituted for beef, but now the menu has only a wide variety of vegetarian, fish or chicken items; even lamb has been dropped from the list.

So, what was it like to enter the McDonalds in New Delhi’s Greater Kailash Part One market? Well, my first shock was the doorman. Yes, there was  uniformed guard/doorman who swept the door open when I arrived. Then after taking my order for the Mac and the fries [no way was I going to drink Coca Cola in India, now was I?] they suggested that since I intended to eat at the restaurant, instead of waiting for my meal, would I like to go up and find a seat, the food would be delivered to me when ready.

Thus begins the adaptation to a locale where labour is cheap and the number of bodies available and willing to work for a living numerous. McDonalds seems to have changed their process appropriately, and it adds value in terms of customer satisfaction since the segment of the local population who would choose to dine here is already very accustomed to table service and lots of one on one attention.

Btw, look at the picture of my meal, dunno about you, but if that wrapper hadn’t said McDonalds, I wouldn’t have recognized that as a relative of the Big Mac 😛

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One Response to Experiencing the McDonalds Maharaja Mac

  1. schwa says:

    i dunno, niti — the sesame seed bun is an inter-cultural construct. 😛

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