The conference will be blogged


Now that niblettes and I will both be documenting our trip to India for the Design Summit next week, here’s an easy way to get the latest updates straight in your feed aggregator or email inbox.

Subscribe to the mailing list over at Tasos Calantzis’ Readymade News where the Illustrated Weekly of Design has its home. Or pick up my RSS feed for links to the news.

The conference will be blogged all over the place but a comprehensive summary will be available by email next Thursday via the newsletter.

Write me if you want any particular information on the ground in India – we’re a team that consists of an interaction designer, product designer, engineer who are all communicators.

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One Response to The conference will be blogged

  1. India, A New Frontier For Innovation And Design.

    Niti Bhan is giving a speech at the upcoming Design With India conference next week in New Dehli and she posted a second draft on her site. I’m posting it here because it is an important statement about India, global…

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