Rebranding “desi”

The Toronto Star has an intriguing article that gave me much food for thought, here is a snippet,

To be brown in a white world post-9/11 is fraught with complexity.

Do you become a coconut (brown outside, white inside) to survive or do you reinvent yourself, complete with a cool new brand — desi?

The Indian diaspora seems to be chucking the coconut for a whole new
subculture in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K., according to writer Gautam
Malkani, […].

"They go through that phase in order to build up their self-esteem and
identity to reintegrate into society later on. And when they do
reintegrate, they do so from a position of greater strength and on
their own terms. They’re not integrating by trying to be British.
They’re saying this is a new definition of Britishness."The result? Desi subculture: a fusion of South Asian and the mainstream, in everything from food to music to clothing. "Desi is as much of a subculture as it is an ethnicity. When you say "desi" you mean you’re part of this scene; you don’t necessarily mean you’re part of this religion or this race," Malkani says.

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