David Tait, Creative Director, Readymade.co.za

This is David Tait, Creative Director of Africa’s first and only Red Dot design award and the Chicago Athaeneum Good Design award winning product design and innovation consultancy, Readymade.

The good news is that David is the unlucky volunteer from our Jugaad team selected to accompany me to India for the CII NID Design With India conference next week. I found out last night when I was on a conference call with Tasos Calantzis, the MD of Readymade and David that he likes single malt scotch. We coordinated our duty free purchases, formal outfits and breakfast preferences.

I guess we should have touched on more serious stuff like wtf am I going to say in my 10 minute presentation, but I think I will write that out in the next post as practice.

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One Response to David Tait, Creative Director, Readymade.co.za

  1. niti bhan says:

    Update Nov 26th : niblettes is joining us in New Delhi as well! woo hoo!

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