Journey to India

I’m leaving for India next week, something that I’ve done all too rarely these past 9 years in these here United States. So, as with all journeys that take us back through time and space, albeit with a shift in frame of reference, it usually leads to nostalgia.

Hence my recent spurt of writing. I’m so lazy otherwise 🙂

Because I’m going back for the CII NID Design with India conference in New Delhi, I was naturally thinking of the two semesters I spent there.

My Typography professor was Manubhai Gajjar, who had designed the original Indian Airlines logo back in the seventies. For this icon of domestic flight, until the deregulation of the airline industry in the past decade, was the sole carrier for almost three if not more decades. In return, he flew free his entire life.

He used to say to me that I was spoilt rotten by having a good memory and thus was too lazy to be any good as a graphic designer. You see, I hated fiddling with the details in laying out the type. As in letterpress. On a Heidelberg. Tieing the fiddly little bits together for our own letterheads, the natural first project. The business card was the worst. I still have some aging brown samples in my portfolio.

I pulled them out and recalled – I asked dad what did people do with letterheads before I began designing mine. He said they punched three holes in them and filed them for reference. So I put my address and phone number vertically along the right hand edge of the letterhead.

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One Response to Journey to India

  1. Ajit Chouhan says:

    I’m sure you’ll have some pleasant surprises when you are in India.

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