Shel Israel – Writer. Speaker. Nice Guy

Dsc01077Today is Chacha Nehru’s birthday, its Children’s Day in India. Chacha is what we call our father’s younger brother’s in hindi, my so-called first language.

While Shel Israel isn’t my father’s younger brother, he was the first blogger [oooh A-lister!] who ever wrote a comment on my blog and taught me how to construct a cohesive post.

We met for lunch at my favourite japanese hole in the wall restaurant on Powell / Washington in SF today. I got to hear first hand about his visit to the Presidential Palace in Estonia, to Ireland, to Sweden and Italy. But I fear I might have to buy the second book Shel will write else he might throw potato croquettes at me again. Did I mention he likes to play with his food?

What else does one say when one gets to meet someone one has only read finally in person? That it is true – the fact that if you subscribe to someone’s writing and enjoy reading it there is a very high likelihood that you will therefore enjoy talking to them and meeting them in person?

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One Response to Shel Israel – Writer. Speaker. Nice Guy

  1. shel israel says:

    Meeting someone you read is like meeting an old friend for the first time. It was nice meeting you, old friend.

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