A chart is worth a thousand words

via Indexed by Old bag.


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5 Responses to A chart is worth a thousand words

  1. SOLID.
    check this guy out, not quite as simply stated, but interesting none the less.

  2. niti bhan says:

    yes his visualizations are complex but I’ll be honest I think the more white space we can keep in a visualization the more effective the point, no?

  3. for sure, no arguing that. Reduction of affordances to allow the almost intuitive understanding of complex ideas should remain the goal of visiual communication. I do have to say that i enjoy the disruptive complexity of some graphics, it feels so much more natural, it’s like peering into the mind. did you ever check out visual complexity? if not>>>
    take care

  4. vaXzine says:

    Hey Nicholas thanks for the mention. I know my scribbled notes may appear mostly complex but if you truly understood the buzz words it would all make sense… every now and then I leave a little whitespace, but I don’t live in a world of white space. Noise and information is constantly being javeled at me.
    In response to the old bag graph: Humorous.
    Buzz words are simply tags that allow one to quickly identify with the information that they are downloading or uploading, speaking or reading. Applying actual knowledge is a whole other story. Information is everywhere and in order for a person to organize the chaordia into a logic, categories containing buzz words are used. When information is processed and galvanized with due diligence, knowledge begins to mature and eventually (hopefully) gets applied.
    Yet in the end, the catalyst of one’s genius has nothing to do with any of this.

  5. niti bhan says:

    makes me wonder sometimes too.

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