Jugaad 2006

I recently wrote about a virtual collaboration of network partners with whom I’m working with on understanding the needs of the bottom of the pyramid segment of the emerging markets of Brazil, South Africa and India.

Last week, as one of them and I were meeting a client, I found myself saying, "Oh, I don’t bother with any of the hard work, Manuel Toscano is my right brain, John Trenouth is my left brain and Tasos Calantzis just makes it all happen."

Me? I’m just a blogger by night. And I don’t really have a day job either. oy. But to continue the story, I always say that we came together to collaborate based on a shared platform of values.

Three out of the four of us were born in the highly populous cities of Johannesburg, Santiago and Calcutta – all of which are in the emerging markets of the former third world. We bring to the table an innate understanding, however privileged our own personal life in those environmental contexts, of what poverty means. Our interest and our understanding of the bottom of the pyramid goes beyond the professional confines of formal studies and reports.

And all of four of us are multilingual, and each is a citizen from a different nation, representing the continents of North America [John Trenouth, Canadian], Europe [Manuel Toscano, Italian], Africa [Tasos Calantzis, South African] and Asia [myself, Indian]. The world, I guess, is now, officially, flat.

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One Response to Jugaad 2006

  1. anil gupta says:

    we too have an incubation of innovation initiative in china, brazil and india besides south africa, will love to know more about what you are doing, may be it will help add value to some of the grassroots innovations in these countries from design pont of view,
    we need designers support a gret deal and in many many projects

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