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It seems Miss Manners is a global nomad

I just came across this interview with Judith Martin, via,otherwise known as Miss Manners and the author of many books on etiquette, and here’s the question and answer that caught my attention, Cole: You’ve been advising Americans on how to … Continue reading

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Zag – The book

No, I don’t think I will be buying this book either, but the take homes from Zag: The #1 Strategy for high performance brands by Marty Neumeier echo and support much of my thinking. In fact, reading through them, this … Continue reading

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Naked Conversations – The book

Now, first up, I personally would never buy Naked Conversations, the book. But before I explain why let me tell you why you, on the other hand, should read it, particularly if you’ve not been subscribed to Shel Israel and … Continue reading

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Welcome new subscribers [or the room is almost full]

Welcome to a few new subscribers and readers! While it is certainly gratifying to note the increase in subscriptions and readers over the last couple of days, there is a part of me that is hoping this is not a … Continue reading

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Why are the Indians so entreprenuerial in their approach?

I’ve been seeing some articles pop up in the media of late that link causally between the unprecedented pace of India’s current economic growth and her bevy of budding entreprenuers. What’s the connection? That got me thinking – jugaad, or … Continue reading

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P&G’s farsightedness

The model we used [in 1999] was digital communication. The argument to senior management was that developing countries moved to cellular communications much faster than the North did; while only the rich lobbyist and stockbrokers had cell phones in New … Continue reading

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The user centered process of mostly everything

Manuel Toscano and I have drafted out a rough prototype of a possible generic user centered process that really be used to create everything from a branding strategy to a marketing launch of a new product in a new market. … Continue reading

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Using the internets effectively for Industrial Design

This post is in response to a request from the head of the product design track at Kansas University’s Department of Design on behalf of his students. Research The internet has 90% of the available knowledge about any given thing … Continue reading

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Happy Diwali

gayatri mantra

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Reflecting on business, design and strategy

John Maeda wrote a post today on learning from his students and it made me think about a chance meeting I just got out of today. I met an old student from the Institute of Design, Chicago this afternoon and … Continue reading

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