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Sneak peek at the Googleplex

The Googleplex is very very academic in its ambience, feels like a university campus, with coffee shops, cafes, people hanging out in corners with their laptops and working. All the luxuries of student life with the perks of being a … Continue reading

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Google’s free WiFi

So I’m sitting at a random coffee shop in a random strip mall in Mountain View, CA and logged into through the Google WiFi. While this is not news, its just so cool to finally get to access stuff you’ve … Continue reading

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Making virtual teams work

As I work with a far flung [in three time zones, three countries, two continents] core team of peers and thoughtleaders, I’m discovering something new about virtual teamwork. My first experience with working with a virtual creative team came in … Continue reading

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It seems Miss Manners is a global nomad

I just came across this interview with Judith Martin, via,otherwise known as Miss Manners and the author of many books on etiquette, and here’s the question and answer that caught my attention, Cole: You’ve been advising Americans on how to … Continue reading

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Zag – The book

No, I don’t think I will be buying this book either, but the take homes from Zag: The #1 Strategy for high performance brands by Marty Neumeier echo and support much of my thinking. In fact, reading through them, this … Continue reading

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Naked Conversations – The book

Now, first up, I personally would never buy Naked Conversations, the book. But before I explain why let me tell you why you, on the other hand, should read it, particularly if you’ve not been subscribed to Shel Israel and … Continue reading

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Welcome new subscribers [or the room is almost full]

Welcome to a few new subscribers and readers! While it is certainly gratifying to note the increase in subscriptions and readers over the last couple of days, there is a part of me that is hoping this is not a … Continue reading

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