Naked Conversations – The book

Now, first up, I personally would never buy Naked Conversations, the book. But before I explain why let me tell you why you, on the other hand, should read it, particularly if you’ve not been subscribed to Shel Israel and Robert Scoble’s Red Couch now named Naked Conversations blog for the past 15 months or more.


They are laying the experimental groundwork of how marketing and PR is to be done on the new flat world theory of the interweb. Yes, markets are certainly conversations, and I can’t quite believe I’m singing their praises like yet another newbie on the blogosphere. eek. I’m an A list groupie?

On the other hand, if you were lucky enough to have stumbled on their blog as one of the first ever on the blogosphere and even luckier to get Shel comment on your blog and send you an email on how to be a better blogger, well, would you need to read their book to know that it would be a good piece of advice on how to make it in the blogosphere? And web 2.0. or 3.0 or whatever Scoble wants to call it. meh. celebrities.

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