Reflecting on business, design and strategy

John Maeda wrote a post today on learning from his students and it made me think about a chance meeting I just got out of today. I met an old student from the Institute of Design, Chicago this afternoon and we had a beer/glass of wine together at my neighbourhood cafe to catch up on where our lives have taken us in the past three years.

You see, four years ago, in 2002, I had first approached the Institute of Design as a prospective student for their MDes in Design planning [the one year MDM didn’t exist then] I had been offered a job instead as the head of the department responsible for recruiting new students, admissions, registration and student services. I also started taking classes simultaneously and met many of my ‘classmates’ those who had begun that fall, my class, if I had been admitted directly as a student.

Well for a variety of reasons, at the end of the third semester I lost a student, a close friend and classmate. After much debate and discussion he chose, like myself, not to complete the program.

We met and caught up today. Michael Winnick is the Managing Director of GravityTank, Chris Conley’s product development and product strategy firm in Chicago. Reflections are good, they allow you to look back and see just how far you’ve come. Way to go, kid.

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