Slim Devices: Product Design Success Story

Fred Bould, lets be shamelessly proud here folks, industrial designer of the new Squeezebox, has just sent me an email: Woo hoo!

slim devices has just been bought by logitech
!! it’s my position that
industrial design was a catalyst for this. if they had not used an
industrial designer their sales would not have multiplied and they
would not be as attractive a purchase, plain and simple.

I love stories where its real and happening in front of you and you feel connected to the product design cos you panned it a while back for some missing pieces in the puzzle. Yes, that’s how I know that the press release Fred sent me was just another step in the story of Slim Devices, product design, business success and a case study that I’ve been chasing for the Design Directory for more than 8 months now!

I first spotted the Squeezebox by Slim Devices [Hey Fred, thanks for the opportunity for me to toot my own horn :)] last Fall, when I posted it on Core77. There I pointed out the design disrepancy between the ‘box and the remote control – the remote was a off the shelf asian thingie which totally clashed with the sleek styling of the Squeezebox.

Long story short, to hear that the new design caused a rise in sales was truly thrilling, like another successful case study for our industry that for real, thats you saw it happen in front of your very eyes 🙂

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