Building a strong team for a project

I’ve been pulling together a team of people whose thinking I admire, to act as my advisors on the mobile project I’ve been obsessed with of late. And here is one of things I realized when I looked at my final list of people.

Every single one of them has skills or talent or ability in which they are way ahead of me.

Was I trying to make myself obsolete I wondered? If, for example, when I hire someone, I look for someone to do a particular task be it accounting or sketching or whathaveyou better than I can do it. Or at least, to have the potential to surpass what I can teach them.

Then, I don’t have to worry any more about whatever area of focus that each individual is responsible for, since each of them is better than I at that task. I think that leads to a far stronger team of folks than one where a person has to guide, manage or supervise.

While my particular case is one of advisors, thus a combination of peers and thoughtleaders, I do believe that this same approach works well when creating a team or department that you must manage.


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