Communication, Connectivity and Commerce: Creating business value through interaction design

as Web 2.4 or Design 3.6 depending on whom you read, in today’s world where
ideas have the power to change the way people interact with each other and the
larger world around them, creating business value through interaction design
means you’re making a profit.

is as simple as that.

how can we make that happen? I’ll start with the basic definition of
interaction design – it’s the sum total of all the interactions that your
customer or valued client makes when transacting with you and your company,
it’s products and/or services. That is, it is the brand part of the entire

is something that I think we’ve forgotten today as we consider the conventional
wisdom of interaction design being just relegated to a dusty screen on the
desktop or mobile phone. In fact, if we accept the definition above then
interaction design is but the fundamental part of effectively, and
successfully, profitably you could say, managing your corporate brand.

This post was inspired by an afternoon spent with Bill Hill, President and Founder, Metadesign USA and is based on his insights, observations and experience.

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