What if?

Typical corner shop or ‘kirana’ in India. [Image courtesy lecercle]

Reading this article on Advertising Age bemoaning the expected downturn in the hair care industry next year – one assumes in the US market – it struck me. What if hair care brands in the developed markets took a leaf out of the bottom of the pyramid book?

My major reason for not trying new shampoos or conditioners here in the United States is that all the bottles are far too big. You literally have to commit to a few months of shampooing when you make a purchase; or be forced to throw away a large bottle if it doesn’t suit your hair. In actual fact, how many of us have a variety of products in our bathroom closet that are barely used, that we know we will never use again for some reason or the other and yet, feel reluctant to throw out in the trash?

What if… I thought… a new formulation or fragrance or what have you that somebody like Clairol or Sunsilk or VO5 launched was also available in the now popular single use sachet found in most emerging market economies? These kids shampoos are from a Brazilian website and are sold in lots of 10, available in a variety of fragrances.

I’d love to be able to do that with all the brands available in my local Walgreens. Then, having tried out a few different brands and varieties, I could go back and buy a bottle of something I liked.

How cool would that be?

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