Meaning provides value; in context

Yes, yes, Tasos, I know I said I wouldn’t use the word design, but this isn’t about any strategy or concept, its about meeting Jessie Scanlon at the Dwell on Design conference today. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, this is Jessie’s engagement ring – its made of rock quartz and the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Value is contextual, indeed!


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3 Responses to Meaning provides value; in context

  1. Fighting “jargon creep” is noble. That said, if you’re going to stop using the word, “design” you probably should cut out “write,” “paint,” “speak” and a few others!

  2. Ah Niti; for this ring, all is forgiven.

  3. niti bhan says:

    In all seriousness, there will be times when design is the most apt word and cannot be replaced, except with clumsy sentences. However, my point was that design, as it is used today, in many contexts referring to marketing or strategy or new business development, may impede understanding rather than hasten it. As Tasos said in his comment I’ve linked in the post above, jargon is used to quicken understanding – that I agree with, however my concern is that jargon, by virtue of its nature, is best used among those who are already practioners in the field. There are many concepts that all of us blog and write about, that require the jargon to quickly communicate concepts. But when it comes to those who must consider the use of many of our theories in their work [clients] this jargon may impede understanding and thus result in a reluctance to implement many perfectly good concepts and theories.

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