Dwell on Design conference pix

I’ve just finished the write up for the Dwell on Design conference that started today here in San Francisco over at Core77 and had some photographs left over. They’re way too much fun to throw away, so enjoy!


That is a glossy hand held vacuum cleaner – held in Rebecca Frisch‘s hands [DD has an intern, whee!] The chrome is pretty until you see how difficult it is to remove the fingerprints.


My favourite set of salt and pepper shakers.


This is a Teastick. You fill it with tea then stick it in a cup of hot water. Since I’ll have to break up my love affair with coffee if I’m ever going to lose the nicotine habit, I’m glad this was in the fancy shwag bag 🙂


On my blog I can say what I please 🙂 This hideous chair was part of the collection DWR brought in for a silent auction. They should have used invisible ink as well on the auction sheets.


And that sheet is how these items were auctioned. That is a small cork table – that’s A4 size paper.


Who was it who said that a conference by Dwell magazine would be stylish?


Ah yes, sustainability as a marketing ploy as conducted by Saturn. That, dear readers, is a hybrid SUV. Enough said.


My first thought was "me want"… then my left brain took over – that is a gorgeous red metal bent bench with floral cut out patterns, very pretty, and very hard. So… you get to accessorize with vinyl padding, which ruins the looks of it.


Alicia D. Keshishian is a designer of custom carpets made in Nepal. What is unusual and wonderful about this company is that the carpets carry a Rugmark. This mark denotes that NO children worked on this carpet – common in India, Pakistan and Nepal where Rugmark is active – and they support the education of the children they put out of work. Kudos to forward thinking entreprenuers such as these.

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