Save the date – Design with India December 2006

December 4th and 5th, 2006 in New Delhi, India – The CII NID Design Summit 2006

To address the issue of how the unique culture, behaviors, and aspirations of people from India will influence the field of design and innovation in the future. The conference will benefit the companies that want to develop products and brands for India, as well as those who want to integrate design talent from India into their global design and innovation teams. This event will help global audiences especially, in the United States and India, to better appreciate the opportunities and challenges of designing and innovating with and for Indian companies.

Website coming soon [from India, of course :)] with more information on programme details, speakers and events.

Uday Dandavate has taken the lead to pull together this international conference, he’s gotten support from Microsoft, the IDSA, The Asia Society, the Confederation of Indian Industry and of course, our alma mater, the National Institute of Design.

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