Is this really my 500th post?

I was reading Tom Guariello’s blog today and his post made me think about my grandfather. I debated whether to post on this or not, since my grandfather means too much to me that I must decide whether or not to write about him on the worldwide web. Anyway, back to Nanaji and Tom’s post on wisdom being handed down through the ages. Nanaji was my hero.

Often, in order to explain what someone means to you, it is easier to give a story as an example or an anecdote. I have two very distinct memories of what Nanaji means to me. And following Tom’s advice, I’m putting up podcast instead of writing the story.

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One Response to Is this really my 500th post?

  1. Talking To Ourselves

    Yesterday’s post got some wheels moving. I was taken by the response to Geriatric1927’s YouTube videos. I loved seeing an older man speaking in a context assumed to be a young person’s domain, and generating passionate connections in the process.

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