I don’t like the new Yahoo

I’ve kept Yahoo as my homepage online ever since I got access to the visual world wide web. I’m not a change fanatic nor do I jump quickly into new things, each time before, when Yahoo had changed their  homepage I would stubbornly hold on to the old site until it was too late. This time however, as of this morning, I’m sad to say I’ve had to change my browser homepage to Google.


Its not the new design – that will take some getting used to, of course, since my eyes are accustomed to looking for my regular information in the expected places and doesn’t find them there. That can be irritating. But more because I  don’t like their new search. Or improved search or whatever it is they’ve done to search on Yahoo I hate it.

I showed it to niblettes yesterday and he agreed that Yahoo’s improved search is, to quote, "ew….gross".

Try it out yourself… go on, put your full name into Yahoo and see what dirt they dish up.

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