Changing perceptions through design

Another thing that caught my interest this weekend was something that seemed to me to be an indicator of how and where principles of communication design were directly being used to change public perception.

Red, the UK Design Council’s blog, points to this report,

Warm Words: How are we telling the climate story and can we tell it better?

The Institute for Public Policy Research publishes research on climate change. The report suggests that communications from government and green groups should treat climate-friendly activity as a brand that can be sold, making it feel natural to the large numbers of people who are currently unengaged with the problem.

And this news snippet on The Condom Project from Canada,

"There’s a great need to de-stigmatize condoms around the world, especially in Africa," said Franck DeRose, executive director of The Condom Project, which aims to get people comfortable about condoms, especially those living in countries where the little piece of latex is considered taboo.

More interesting to those of us who’ve often heard that design can affect behavioural change, is this quote,

"I don’t think it’s healthy or appropriate to change a culture. But we can change the risky behavior within a community."

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