Uh… user research anyone?

International cosmetics giant Revlon has always taken the lead in customizing their product line for their local markets. I remember when they first entered India in the nineteen nineties, we were very impressed with their colour range, obviously developed for the Indian complexion. I think they were possibly the very first global brand to do so, the Indian diaspora had traditionally made do or fallen back on imports of Lakme, possibly the only Indian cosmetics brand of repute.

They also used Indian models and acknowledged beauties, Aishwarya Rai comes to mind. Sitting on the other end of the marketing funnel through that launch, hitting the sweet spot of the Indian target audience – Indian cosmetic user, professional, lots of disposable income- I remember feeling very gratified at Revlon’s attempt to ‘personalize’ the products and the brand. Particularly since I was in advertising in New Delhi at the time, and had not just seen but either implemented or analyzed just about every MNC brand’s India strategy.

I just across this news snippet and had to rave about Revlon’s commitment to adapting to local cultural needs. Particularly in one where it doesn’t need research to figure out there are differences in complexion, hair texture and colour, and other obvious features especially in the personal care category.

"Currently, the company is test marketing a hair colouring brand by the name of Top Speed in the southern markets.

In fact, Top Speed is a brand that has been
created specifically for the South-East Asian countries, but in India
the company is trying out its acceptability as a sub-brand under the
umbrella brand of Revlon.

Speaking to Business Line, Mr Deepak Bhandari,
Marketing Manager, Modi Revlon, said, "All this time we were picking
and choosing the brands from our international portfolio. But now we
will be creating region-specific brands for countries such as India and
China especially in the hair colouring segment.”

Growing between 20 and 25 per cent in the hair
colours segment with its brands such as Colour Stay, the company is
planning to step up its presence in this segment and is aiming to grow
at 40 per cent this year."

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2 Responses to Uh… user research anyone?

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