We can recreate it for you wholesale

[with due apologies to Philip K. Dick for the post title]

via MeFi, I came across this link to Thamestown – Authentic style British town – located in Shanghai, China. Here’s the english text from their site.

For at least five centuries ,the English culture has captivated and mesmerized the world.

places can boast of having been the the source of major world events
and the focus of international attention over such an extended period
of time.

For at least five centuries,Songjiang-the birthplace of modern-day Shanghai,Has enjoyed a prominent status in the city.

It is indeed uncommon that a town of such modest scale should eventually develop into a world-class cosmopolitan city.


I suppose there will be contexts where a wholesale recreation of a particular cultural style will make something far more saleable. I’ve seen gross monstrosities of architectural design in South Delhi, as well as similar attempts to recreate entire gated communities in India with such mythical names as Malibu and Berkeley.

Then again, its not the names per se, since Athens is in Georgia and a Delhi and Calcutta as well, but the attempt to capture something more intangible. I don’t feel strongly about this trend either way, I just wonder where and how it relates to my other musings on global brands – are they replicating a quality of life that is perceived to be less third world, or will an imported name sell more houses?

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