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Discovering my brand loyalty and feeling betrayed

On Saturday evening I had the most unusual experience. I’ve read and written on brands and users, loyalty and passion, but to be honest had not thought till then that I felt that strongly about any one particular brand or … Continue reading

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Maybe if I stick my head in the sand, it will get cooler…

Sometimes surfing the news can just make you shake your head and wonder "What are they thinking?" – a reaction I had when I came across this article, Coal-burning utilities are passing the hat for one of the few remaining … Continue reading

Posted in Personal | Leave a comment discovers interpretation works better than translation

Just came across this lovely little article titled "Lost in Translation" about’s discovery when they first tried to go international with their message "Love is complicated. is simple". Here’s the relevant bit, But when the company began its … Continue reading

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First Anniversary

Wow! How time flies, one year exactly since I landed in San Francisco. The irony of course is that I’m posting this from my hotel in NYC 🙂 And no, the view from my window is still the same gorgeous … Continue reading

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Live from Core77

I’m blogging live from Core77‘s offices in Broadway, NY, NY right now and the weather, while much warmer than San Francisco, has been a pleasant experience for me. It’s hot and humid and reminds me of Singapore. Expect to see … Continue reading

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Dell: Is it the Indian accent that’s the problem?

Reading the comments appended to this recent BusinessWeek article on Dell, a pattern of complaints about their customer service struck me. Fact, they are Indian call center employees to whom Dell has outsourced this ‘service’ and for the most part … Continue reading

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My pathetic claim to fame

Today’s news has it that Tina Fey is leaving Saturday Night Live. Now she doesn’t have a clue who I am, but her name was buzzing in the halls of The Second City when I worked there in 1998-99. Here’s … Continue reading

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