I’ve been remiss in updating the blog, and its not like I don’t have tons to write, I’ve been trying to make sense of it all.

Here are a few of the concepts flying around in my head –

Linking immigration to innovation, looking at cultural hybrids (or global nomads) to see what lessons can be derived to and from the way companies enter new markets.

LG Electronics Corporate Design Center has just won the Red Dot "Design Team of the Year" 2006, only the second asian firm to do so. I was surprised it wasn’t Samsung, so I’ve gotten intrigued by comparing their corporate design strategies.

Which links back to Korean brands becoming number one in India within a decade, where global behemoths like Sony et al were expected to succeed.

Which all comes together to evaluate the ‘think global; act local’ concept – how much of that is talk, and how much of that is walk.

Finally, the dots seem to point towards a comprehensive and sustained focus on using all the flavors of design together in an integrated way to building a global brand, as LG seems to have done. The other Korean firms are not far behind. Is this similar to Japanese firms embracing quality during their meteoric global expansion, ahead of all their competition?

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