Blogger Dinner that wasn’t

I’ve been hearing about blogger dinners and the like, particularly ‘Geek blogger dinners’ but had never attended one. Well, without meaning to be one such dinner, the post event dinner after Core77’s Design 2.0 discussion turned into a blogfest.

Diego Rodriguez of Metacool fame sat next to Steve Portigal of All This Chittah Chattah sat next to me and in front of me was Peter Rojas, of Engadget along with his beautiful fiance Jill Fehrenbacher who does the trend spotting Inhabitat blog. The conversation was fascinating, particularly if you’re talking to someone who you’ve just read, but never spoken to – such as when I met Diego. In one sense, you kind of know the things that are going through this person’s mind on a regular basis, such as Metacool’s particular fascination with cars. I’ve always thought of Diego as a ‘single minded blogger’ 🙂 but what I liked in person is that Diego knows this too 🙂 and used it shamelessly in his presentation.

More fascinating in a blogging kind of way was getting the opportunity to have a long talk with Peter Rojas about his professional blogger status, as opposed to the rest of us amateurs. The insights into professional blogging, his previous experience in founding Gizmodo and now Engadget, their meteoric success, were much fodder for thought. He also has the coolest haircut all of us had ever seen.

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2 Responses to Blogger Dinner that wasn’t

  1. I really was intrigued by Peter’s process for creating a style guide for the Engadget voice – that being my favorite aspect of the blog. Once the blog grew and others started writing the bulk of the entries, they had to be purposeful about something “ordinary” like voice and tone.
    I dunno; that’s so fascinating!

  2. niti bhan says:

    Exactly! I would agree with you on that being the most fascinating insight! How would one capture something so subjective?

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