Turning Pro on Flickr

I just turned "Pro" on Flickr, after more than a year of using it, and the best part of the purchase was finding my old sets still intact suddenly pop up again. I thought I’d lost those photographs forever, and Flickr doesn’t warn you that if you turn pro i.e. buy the account, you get all your old pictures back in their original sets.

Wow! What a nice surprise when one buys the account. They should tell folks that in order to encourage more paid subscriptions.

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3 Responses to Turning Pro on Flickr

  1. Hmm. I was not much of a user before I was “gifted” a Pro account. What happens, then, to your sets, while not pro? How did you end up losing sets to begin with? That sounds like a big design issue!

  2. niti bhan says:

    No, not a design issue. The free account allows a limit of 200 photographs. And I didn’t realize that till I started adding the Paris pics and realized I was ‘losing’ my Delhi set. They were just dissapearing, kind of, so I assumed that was the ‘price’ I paid for a free account. But when I converted to Pro all my old sets popped up as though they had been ‘saved’ just not visible, waiting for the day till I had the account 🙂

  3. Paavani says:

    ohh thats a cool thing. Its a real surprise. To see the lost photographs.

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