Green product design

Writing the previous post made me think about what qualities would denote a successful global product in today’s world. And I thought about green product design. HP’s already earning rave reviews for their recycling efforts and ‘Design for the environment initiative.

Apple has launched their first ever Mac trade in your old for new program, some say because of the noise made at their last general meeting about their absolute lack of environmentally friendly products. Consider the iPod, it is only now that they offer a service which allows you to get your battery changed.

In fact, just today recent design graduate told me how hearing Steve Jobs say "My goal is to have everyone buy a new iPod every year" horrified her with it’s thoughtless wastage of necessary natural resources.

These stories and more tell me that this attention outward towards the environment, the larger world we live in, beyond our own backyard and our neighbourhood friends, to the global village is not a fad or a trend.

And designing products that minimize their footprint, even if sold at a premium of 20% or so over the regular products, will be a necessity not an option. Particularly in the global market.

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One Response to Green product design

  1. Alok Jain says:

    Very important point Niti. At core the problem is embeded in design process itself where designers and engineers need to come together to build products which can be disintegrated and reused. Televisions, DVD player, Cellphones, iPods and other such gadgets carry huge amount of toxins.
    Business Week Innovation podcast recently had a good episode on same topic, I think it’s dated May 29.

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