The Overlap: Crossing Cultures

I’ve been reading LukeW’s posts on presentations made at the Overlap, as well the text of Richard Farson’s speech that Victor kindly posted on The Overlap blog yesterday and it made me think of one interesting observation that stayed with me, after the weekend was over.

The number of people I met at Asilomar who had crossed cultures, in one form or another, as a distinguishing feature of their life experiences, felt to me, to be of a higher proportion of the population than the norm.

Naturally, when looking at the overlap, the boundaries between the practice of design and the conducting of business, there’s a cultural crossing right there – the almost stereotypical one, conventionally known as "the suits" and "the creatives". For those of us who have made crossing cultures a personal profession in it’s own right, can this divide be any less attractive?

It’s a natural progression, methinks, to be able to "translate" or "interpret" across that divide.

An early thought, more as I ponder…

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  1. IdeaFestival says:

    Design holds sense-making possibilities

    Luke Wroblewski attended the Overlap unconference and reports in this post some interesting thoughts on design and business. Among the points made, this one rings true: the importance of design has grown in direct proportion to information overload. I …

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