Micro multinational and the flattening world

Today is papa’s birthday, he is 68. I called to wish him a happy birthday yesterday, a clear sign of the flat world, in my book, when time zones exist between some of the closest blood ties, through time and space in such a manner.

Thinking about his location in Singapore, made me think about his work, he has a trading house based there. But he also has an office in India, with it’s own name and another name for his office in LA, southern California. All are in different time zones, and do not have more than two people. With this infrastructure, he runs, what he calls, his mini multinational.

Which in fact it is, since his three locations are New Delhi, Los Angeles and Singapore. They use a combination of every single form of communication that exists today, from ordinary parcel post by sea, sent through the Indian Postal Service to Skype with me in San Francisco. With the exception of the young man in Delhi, which is close enough for Dad to manage directly, their ages range from 50ish to almost 80ish.

Email, the internet, the latest technological wizardry and entreprenuers who have been flattening the world into smaller and smaller bite size pieces for more than 40% of a century are not incompatible, me thinks. I just wish that the makers of all these products would think to conduct the "mom test" more often.

What is really odd, is the sense I get of being in Dad’s ‘past’ (may 28th) while he is in my ‘future’ (may 29th). I am the child of the man who is my father, perhaps?

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