Collection: General observations on changes

Time for another collection, methinks. This one covers my observations on the world and on emerging markets, in reverse chronological order. This is getting long so I’ve taken emerging markets into another collection.

Marketing 101 by Seth Godin – everything cannot be ‘marketed’
Is telling a story lying? – on the ‘placebo affect’
Brand development in India – more of a personal anecdote
Right or wrong or good enough – on Seth’s words again
The myth of India’s liberalization – by Amit Varma
Insightful article on Design and China – from Core77
Where are all the Asia hands?

Kaleidoscopic comparative advantage – on Jagdish Bhagwati’s words
What is socio-economics? – worth looking at again
We’re going from history, we can’t start in the future – on innovation
We have to start in the future, we have no history
Evolving with market forces – Pandora and Savage Beast
On honor and faith – referring to Vance Packard’s observations and a disposable society
Three case studies – observation on Apple, Google and Skype
What is strategy? – taken from a consultant’s definition
Chaos and Order – the ‘Red queen’ effect
Souls in the great machine v.2 – collaborative intelligence
Globalism – Pico Iyer’s encapsulation of the true impact
Collaborative intelligence, not design thinking
Books as snacks! Thoughts as soundbites – changes in writing for an audience

Who are the players? – in the innovation space, 9 months later, interesting
Using differentiation to reach for new revenue opportunities without capital expenditure
In search of wisdom, first or best? – using ‘knowledge’
If markets are conversations… – what are brands?
Is design the answer? – navel gazing
R&D and innovation, size does matter, do results?
My two rupees on design thinking – diversity in the boardroom?

Innovation lessons from a railroad – balanced scorecard
The act of creation: design as metaphor – Eames report on India
Imagine from The economist – tired of globalization?

IDology vs Ideology
– on ‘pushing buttons’ to control market behaviour, Vance Packard again.
May the force be with you – pop culture, brand building and technology at forefront of innovation
Fear of blogging – on changes
Gamer Gen: CivIII as a virtual MBA – lessons from game playing

Burnout: Too many choices, too little time – on niblettes’ disposable economy

Women in engineering and design – changes needed

Collapse and it’s aftermath – Jared Diamond’s book

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One Response to Collection: General observations on changes

  1. Niti, you really generate a lot of helpful and interesting reading and conversation. It was fun to read our conversation again abut the nature of brands. Surprised me it dated back to October of last year. In some ways it seems like so much has happened since then.
    Hope you are doing well this weekend!

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