comment copyright?

I was just thinking, I wonder to whom the copyright of the comment belongs? The owner of the site on which it was written or the writer of the said comment? Just wondering…

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5 Responses to comment copyright?

  1. I hereby bequeth all the copyrights of all my comments on this site to you.
    I only reserve my right to be morally identified for all the correct things that I may say, and the right to be forgotten when I say something incorrect 🙂

  2. Did you ever see YOYOW on The Well? Something to consider

  3. niti bhan says:

    thank you atrakasya. Thanks for the link, Steve.

  4. niti bhan says:

    I looked through the YOYOW and wondered how it applies to comments on topics that we often discuss on my blog, especially if said topic could hypothetically become a research paper or an article published elsewhere. I mean would I need your permission, say, to use your three levels of observations comments in another article or were I to create a report on any discussion?

  5. YOYOW definitely does seems like only a superficial solution of the comment problem that Niti brought up.
    If I comment on someone else’s site, and later I want it removed, do I have the right to instruct the site admin to remove it, even if it is intricately part of an important discussion on the site?
    That would not make sense, and hence YOYOW is probably not a good way to go.
    I’d rather go with the rule – whatever is posted on a site voluntarily belongs to the site owner, who is only morally obliged to identify the source. At the same time, the site owner should not be responsible for anything weird posted by a non-site owner.
    I think you could just mention this in a “site rules” link that is displayed next to every comment box.

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