Brand magic in India

Brand magic in India is up on BusinessWeek, coauthored with Brad Nemer. That was fun. Seems we got a front page mention and main home page too. Though I’m guessing those links will be old after tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Brand magic in India

  1. Satya says:

    I came here from Business Week. That was such a good article. I liked the way you combined the concept of core competency with Brand.
    Hope to see more of such articles in future.

  2. Lynnette says:

    Very well written article.
    You sum it up very well…
    “adapt the company’s offerings while keeping the core brand values consistent across cultures…”
    HSBC (HongKong Shanghai Bank) shares the same idea, their tag line -> THE WORLD’S LOCAL BANK
    Most important for a business to flourish is to be able to serve the customers well, catering to their needs. How will they make a purchase from us if goods & services we offer don’t ‘connect’ to them? We are the missing link. We link solutions to their problems (demand).
    Sometimes we really forget who we are manufacturing all these for. I am working in a MNC, over here we often talk about profits & profits.. and investment cost. While that is bread & butter, we often neglect the needs of the real person we are working for.
    I guess failure will make us be more aware that we need to take care of cultural differences.. and next to customise/localise & produce meaningful things for the people’s needs.

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