Well well well lookee here

One of my favourite comedians rocking the world with his performance.

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2 Responses to Well well well lookee here

  1. niblettes says:

    It was hard to watch Cobert brilliantly satirizing the vanity, hypocrisy and absurdity of the folks in that very silent room. The audience was so vain, so solipsistic, so frightened that they simply could not laugh at themselves–indeed they cannot even look at themselves without shuddering (and on that point i agree with them).
    It was a lot like Stewart’s Oscar performance. Just like Washington, Hollywood can neither laugh at its own hubris nor look at itself in the mirror–the reflection, like a washed up star with an addiction to plastic surgery, is simply too ugly.
    I’ll bet both Stewart and Colbert knew exactly what they were getting into, and what reaction they would get. And that took real courage. The folks who booked them probably did not.
    Anyway, keep it up guys–the truth needs good satirists to stay alive.

  2. Niti Bhan says:

    As we’ve often discussed, irony has it’s place. In one sense none of this was funny, I too cringed to hear everything in that context, but isn’t that what the role of court jesters has been traditionally?

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